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The graduate training program in Space Life Sciences at Texas A&M University is sponsored by:
Fundamentals of Space Life Sciences

The Fundamentals of Space Life Sciences is a required course for NSBRI Fellow's and is taught every other Fall semester. Below is the schedule for the Fall 2014 class taught Monday and Wednesday from 8:00 - 9:15 am in room 109 of the AGLS.

Topics to be covered include Space Physiology (e.g., space environment, musculo-skeletal system, cardiovascular system, exercise and research methods and techniques), Space Nutrition (e.g., nutritional requirements, ground based research models, effect of microgravity on specific requirements, role of nutrition in mediating bone and muscle wasting and radiation exposures), and Space Radiation (e.g., complex radiation environment, detection, biological effects of low- and high-LET radiation, countermeasures).

Fundamentals of Space Life Sciences Course Syllabus - Fall 2014