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The graduate training program in Space Life Sciences at Texas A&M University is sponsored by:
Graduate Training Program in Space Life Sciences
Welcome to the Mentored Research Program in Space Life Sciences
Obtain a Certificate in Space Life Sciences while pursuing your Ph.D. at Texas A&M University in Biomedical Engineering, Genetics, Kinesiology, Nuclear Engineering (Health Physics), Nutrition or a M.D./Ph.D. or Ph.D. in Medical Sciences from the Texas A&M University Health Sciences Center Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences! The Mentored Research Program in Space Life Sciences was created to produce scientists with a broad understanding of the critical issues associated with long duration space flight and specific expertise in critical problem areas such as:
  1. bone loss
  2. muscle wasting
  3. health effects of cosmic radiation
  4. changes in metabolism and
  5. the consequences of being in a catabolic state while in space.
In addition, students will gain specific training in either nutritional and/or exercise physiology countermeasures against these major biological problems. Located a little over 100 miles from NASA/Johnson Space Center, students will have the unique opportunity to work with world leaders in space life sciences.